Dan Lipe became interested in Martial Arts, from a Karate demonstration by a co-worker, Greg Zem, in 1969.
Zem was being taught by Master Bob Ozman, and Dan signed up to train under Ozman. After receiving his green belt, Ozman and fellow black belt John Atkinson began training Dan to be an instructor. After earning his black belt in 1971, he taught in all of Sensei Ozman’s schools in Los Angeles. Dan then moved into Aikido and Tai-Chi Chuan, to learn different breathing and energy flow patterns. From 1975-80,  Sensei Lipe operated his own school out of an old church in Chico, Ca.

In 1984 he returned to Los Angeles, where he began advanced training with Ozman.  As well as continuing to teach classes at the main Van Nuys dojo, Lipe helped Ozman create the Master classes for Black Belts.

With decades of serious blunt force trauma style applications under his belt, Dan Lipe  began experimenting with Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point Fighting).  Discovering that Kyusho Jitsu was superbly efficient and powerful, he began training with Chris Thomas to learn the principles from the ground up.

Dan began teaching in San Diego with the intent of sharing his skills and knowledge with students from all types of backgrounds and skill levels.  He has earned Teacher ranking under the guidance of world-class martial artists, Bob Ozman and Chris Thomas.    Sensei Lipe has developed an expansive knowledge base in Isshinryu Karate and Kyusho Jitsu.

Instead of just going through the traditional motions, the student is offered the unique opportunity to understand the classical meaning of movements and apply them in a modern way.  Following the principles of Pressure Point Fighting (Kyusho Jitsu) and grappling/joint manipulation (Tuite-Jitsu),  effective self-defense is taught for students of any ability or background.


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