The main style is Isshinryu Karate.  Created by GrandMaster Tatsuo Shimabuku, Isshinryu Karate is a close-in striking and grappling style combat art.  After studying for years under Okinawa’s premier 20th century karate masters (Choto Kyan, Chojun Miyagi, and Choki Motobu),  Shimabuku formulated this highly regarded system of karate.   Isshinryu Karate is distinquished by its shorter “natural’ stances, “snapping” front kicks, and a return to the stronger and more efficient “vertical” punch.


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Karate-Jutsu students learn real-world self defense applications.  The “Jutsu” designation in the name signifies that it is not sport-oriented training. The curriculum employs classical martial arts training using modern applications.    These applications for basic movements (Kihon) and the advanced movements and combinations in forms (Kata) are based on learning highly effective forms of self defense using Pressure Point Fighting (Kyusho Jitsu).  One  of the precepts of Kyusho Jitsu is to leverage average skills into extraordinary results.

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Dan brings to students in San Diego a classical karate training program.  It utilizes the core fundamentals of structural bio-mechanics, the principles of pressure point grappling, and the principles of pressure point striking.   The breadth and depth of this training is engineered to be a full, stand-alone program or as an outstanding supplement to an existing martial art.  In either case, one has the opportunity to truly leverage their ability to a high level.

An important philosophy of Dan’s is to turn students into colleagues.  This is accomplished by encouraging each practitioner to master the principles of the art and begin to make their own contributions.  We all become training partners and continue to research effective and efficient applications.  With the program’s flexibility and Dan’s decades of teaching experience, this training strategy is a fit for students of all sizes, shapes, and abilities.

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